Infinite Dreams

I have a lot of ideas, the ideas wind up in a story. Every story starts with an idea, then the idea builds up and when every single detail is put into the story and the writer poured their heart and soul into every inch of the book, that’s when you have a book that can change people. Some people write to escape the world and be neck deep in a whole new world, some people do it to make others happy or make people change their thoughts for the better, and some people do it cause it’s fun. Words are a lot stronger then we give them credit for, because words make us feel. And I want to show the world that we have the power to dream, and the world is filled with infinite dreams.

— Alice

The Best Day Ever

A story about happiness. Alexandra thought there would be no way to make this day bad when she finished moving in to a beautiful home in the woods, and got engaged to the most wonderful man she ever met. Read the beginning of her “Perfect day.”

Sunrise to Sunset with the Sirens

In the middle of the ocean an island goes unknown filled with mermaids, read this and dive deep into the life of Hilde (pronounced as Hilda) and her best friend Coral.

The Trouble with Squirrels

When a chipmunk’s den is in danger and she is the only one who can help, she sets out on an adventure. But what is she going to do in order to fix The Trouble with Squirrels?